My name is Mackie, aka Aquaboogie and I'm an artist based out of San Diego, CA.

My work is heavily based in digital illustration, design, and mural work. I love the challenge of a new project and designing something custom. I'm passionate to create work I can be proud of, but also which my clients can love for a lifetime.

I grew up in San Diego and also spent 10 years in San Francisco. Now I seem to be back in San Diego for good!

I currently work full time as a Content Creator and Muralist at Kobey's Swap Meet in San Diego where I work closely with the vintage and sneaker community. When I'm not doing art- I'm cooking up a new recipe, thrifting, camping, or seeing live music.

I have a couple side projects I started. The first is Cosmic Pulp Zine, a thematic art magazine featuring 40+ artists from around the world. The second being the Banana Seat Brigade, a club of vintage banana bike/muscle bike enthusiasts. We organize rides and meetups in San Diego.

I'm interested in collaborations, mural projects, small sign work projects, or anything involving the LGBTQ+ community. So please reach out if that is you and let's make something rad!